Ph.D. Program Courses

Required Courses

4540604 Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Education 

Students with some educational statistics background learn advanced statistical techniques with the aid of computer packages, such as SPSS and LISREL. The course focuses on multiple linear regression, multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), repeated measure analysis, analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), factorial analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, principle component analysis, and path analysis.

4540695 Research Seminar in Educational Sciences 

Development of doctoral dissertations and projects and presentations of plans. The course which is intended for students who have identified a reasonably narrow area for research will assist them in design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an acceptable dissertation or project proposal. The course involves presentations, group discussions, and critiques.

4540699 Ph.D. Dissertation

4540900-999 Special Topics

Area Courses

4540681 Advanced Individual Counseling 

Opportunity for advanced students to obtain practical experience in individual counseling. Each student is required to carry out twenty individual counseling sessions under supervision.

4540682 Advanced Group Counseling 

Opportunity for advanced students to obtain practical experience in group counseling. Each student is required to carry out at least 10 group sessions under supervision.

4540683 Contemporary Approaches to Counseling 

Discussion of new approaches and their applications to different counseling settings

4540684 Adjustment Poblems

4540685 Advanced Seminar in Guidance and Counseling 

Presentation of different topics related to different areas of guidance and counseling practices. Such as vocational counseling, family counseling, counseling in schools, counseling in special education rehabilitation counseling and so on.

4540686 Group Counseling with Children 

Theory and process of group counseling with children with a special emphasis on preventive group guidance procedures. Research related to group work with children.

4540687 Special Topics in Guidance 

Recent approaches and special issues and problems in guidance practices with special reference to guidance services and activities in Turkey.

4540688 Counselling Needs of Exceptional Children

4540689 Counselling and Training of Parents of Children with Special Needs

4540690 Applications of Psychology to Education

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