Master’s Program Courses

Required Courses

4540502 Research Methods and Ethics In Education

An overview of educational research process and procedures; understanding and developing competence in research methods; application of different research designs.

4540504 Educational Statistics

Basic statistical techniques for carrying out an educational research. Coding and entering data, use of descriptive statistics for data tabulation and summarization. Percentiles and standard scores, normal distribution, sampling distribution and central limit theorem, correlation and simple linear regression analysis, hypothesis testing for one and two sample cases, z, t, F, chi-square distributions, one and two way analyses of variance.

4540505 Prothesis Seminar

Development of master s thesis and presentation of thesis proposal. The course involves design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an acceptable Master’s thesis proposal.

4540599 Master’s Thesis

4540800-899 Special Studies

Area Courses

4540523 Theories of Counseling

This graduate level course is designed to familiarize students with several major theoretical approaches in counseling and psychotherapy and help them integrate these approaches with practice. A secondary goal is to introduce the wide variety of styles and practices used by leaders in the field of counseling and psychotherapy.

4540570 Counseling with Children

Basic approaches to child counseling, utilizing play media in counseling, research on counseling and psychotherapy with children.

4540582 Principles and Techniques of Counseling 

Understanding counseling as a process, goals of counseling, stages of the counseling process with special reference to the techniques used in each stage. Theories and research findings.

4540583 Group Counseling 

Overview of the counseling group. Different theoretical approaches and techniques in group counseling. Stages in group counseling. Ethical and professional issues in group practice.

4540584 Field Practice I 

Opportunity for advanced students to obtain practical experience. Identification of significant problems in an educational environment and other related settings.

4540585 Field Practice II

Continuation of Field Practice I

4540586 Interpersonal Relations

4540587 Counselling the Parents of Exceptional Children

4540588 Counselling Needs of Exceptional Children

4540589 Couple and Family Counseling 

The family as a system, the family life cycle, dealing with families with young children and adolescents. The process of systems counseling.

4540590 Counseling in Higher Education  

Growth and status of student services, theories of student development, models for higher education, essential competencies and techniques of counselor in higher education, organization and management, current trends.

4540591 Recent Developments in Counselling

4540592 Counselling for Elderly

4540593 Crisis Counseling  

Intervention techniques used in a crisis situation such as drug induced crisis, family crisis, death of a loved one, loss of a job, retirement, financial problems, unwanted pregnancy and so on. Research on crisis counseling.

4540594 Counselling in Industrial Settings

4540595 Career Development Counseling  

Developmental patterns in career choice. Components of career development counseling. Different approaches to career development counseling.

4540596 Assessment Techniques in Counseling  

Practice in the administration of individual tests and preparation of psychological reports. Psychological and educational assessment procedures used with counselee(s).

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