Curriculum and Instruction

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03/11/2022 - 15:13

Master's Program

There are four purposes of the Master's program in Curriculum and Instruction:

To improve students' knowledge and understanding in relation to curriculum development and evaluation theories, curriculum development models and approaches,

To develop students' skills in instructional processes and design,

To help students carry out research by using scientific research methods and techniques, and

To develop understanding and skills in other areas of educational sciences based on their interests.

In this framework, students gain lifelong learning skills to follow the developments in the field of curriculum and instruction in Turkey and abroad. Students reach these purposes through seminar like teaching and learning processes in required and elective courses where they find the opportunities to apply what they learn and produces materials for specific purposes. Those students who do not have a teaching certificate and/or lack specific courses that are required for study at the masters' level are accepted to a scientific preparation program that may take one or two semesters. Students have to successfully complete 8 courses, two of which are research and statistics, three area courses, two electives and one thesis preparation course. Students who complete the coursework carry out a research as their masters' thesis, and graduate from the program by successfully defending it.

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