Master’s Program Courses

Required Courses

4540502 Research Methods and Ethics In Education

An overview of educational research process and procedures; understanding and developing competence in research methods; application of different research designs.

4540504 Educational Statistics

Basic statistical techniques for carrying out an educational research. Coding and entering data, use of descriptive statistics for data tabulation and summarization. Percentiles and standard scores, normal distribution, sampling distribution and central limit theorem, correlation and simple linear regression analysis, hypothesis testing for one and two sample cases, z, t, F, chi-square distributions, one and two way analyses of variance.

4540505 Prothesis Seminar

Development of master s thesis and presentation of thesis proposal. The course involves design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an acceptable Master’s thesis proposal.

4540599 Master’s Thesis

4540800-899 Special Studies

Area Courses

4540540 Fundamentals of Curriculum Dev.

Analysis of the basic concepts and components of curriculum and the study of several curriculum designs.

4540544 Theories of Instruction

Study of the emergence and the present status of instructional theories and the discussion of the relationship between learning theories, instructional theories and practical applications.

4540547 Curriculum Evaluation

Theory and research related to curriculum/program evaluation. Study and analysis of various standards and models in curriculum/program evaluation. Application of research designs in evaluation process.

Elective Courses

4540501 Social Theories as Applied to Education                                                                                       

Introduction to philosophies of education. Discussion of major social theories of education by emphasizing their implications for Turkish education.

4540536 Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education

This course provides an overview of the concepts, theories, models, approaches, and research and practice on the integration of technologies in teacher education. The students explore the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in preservice and in-service teacher education as well as faculty and staff development. The development of the knowledge on technology in teacher education is fostered by reviewing and discussing research, designing and implementing teacher education programs, evaluating educational technologies for teacher education contexts, attending to the communities of practice, and presenting scholarly work.

4540539 Creative Drama in Education and Research

This course will introduce creative drama techniques used in educational settings and will deliver hands on experiences. Development of the individual or group collaborative creativity through use of dramatic play, imagination, improvisation, qualitative data collection, and curriculum building. This course provides researchers and educators with a general understanding of how creative drama can be integrated into teaching and qualitative research processes.

4540541 Instructional Design

Systems approach to instructional designs. Heuristics for instructional design. Theory base, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

4540542 Learning Sciences: Foundations and Applications

A comparative study of learning backgrounds and contemporary theories of learning and discussion of learning-teaching relationships.

4540545 Research on Teaching

Focuses on a critical study of contrasting approaches to the study of teaching process. Designed to survey research issues to help students develop a more critical perspective, to increase awareness of the variety of approaches to studying teaching and to provoke thought about the relationship between research and practice.

4540546 Contemporary Issues in Curriculum and Instruction

Contemporary issues in relation to curricular sources and influences. Conflicting educational theories. Need for a paradigm in the field. Innovations and reforms. Curriculum improvement.

4540548 The Fundamentals of Social Studies Curriculum

4540549 Teaching and Learning Process

4540550 Needs Assessment

Theoretical and practical basis of ne4540 assessment in preservice and in-service training programs; quantitative and qualitative approaches applied to determining ne4540.

4540552 Education and Social Policy

The premise of this course is to understand the role of educational policy and its relationship with social policy as a means to examining social problems in education, devising and analyzing policy alternatives, and developing skills to evaluate the impact of educational policies and decisions that result from top-down political decisions, complex social and historical processes, and economic dynamics.

4540553 School Improvement

This course provides an overview of school improvement concepts, models, approaches and underlying theories. It will help students analyze educational change processes, including barriers to change, strategies for change, culture and climate in schools, teacher decision making, development and evaluation, curriculum and instructional processes, and develop their capacity to deal with challenges and produce plans for school improvement.

4540554 Scale Construction in Affective Domain

Techniques of attitude and related characteristics measurement. Item writing and questionnaire design. Checklists, rating scales. Statistical analysis of an attitude scale. Reliability and validity of attitude scales.

4540559 Test Construction

Practicum providing experience in the construction of educational and psychological measuring instruments.

4540560 Elements of Scaling

Construction of scales from a wide variety of data, such as "yes-no", multiple choice, ranking and categorical data. Discussion of the major techniques such as scalogram analysis, Likert scaling, information theory, methods of ranking, paired comparisons.

4540562 Theory/Measurement/Research in Affective Domain

Theories on affective characteristics and change, discussion of selected measurement techniques, review of empirical research on measurement and change of affective characteristics.

4540566 Elements of Factor Analysis and Related Techniques

Introduction to basic concepts of factor analysis and related statistical methodology with illustrations using empirical data on SPSS and LISREL statistical packages. Topics: relevant matrix algebra and statistics, multiple and partial correlation, structural analysis of correlation matrices, component analysis, common factor models, comparative factor analyses. Exploratory versus confirmatory analysis.

4540571 Comparative Education

Investigation and comparison of educational systems. A review of the literature related to developments, issues and problems in education across different societies. A comparison and contrast of structure, organization, content, curricula, implementation, evaluation, selection and allocation, quality and quantity of elementary, secondary and tertiary education in various societies.

4540572 Advances in Psychological Foundations of Education

Current theory, research and practice in educational psychology to help students analyze problems and develop situations based on psychological principles. Major topics include educational psychology and the classroom teacher, cognitive, language, personal, social and moral development, impact of culture and community, behavioral, cognitive learning theories and their application, classroom management and communication.

4540573 Current Issues in Turkish Education

Analysis of micro and macro level problems of Turkish Education, including structural and organizational problems; teacher-training problems; problems of elementary education; problems of secondary education, problems of higher education; transitional problems between the various levels of education; education and market relationships; economic, political, juridical and philosophical problems.

4540578 Contemporary Philosophies of Education

Analysis of contemporary theories and philosophies of education in relation to various issues, problems.

4540579 Independent Study in Education

Study of various topics related to theory and research in education, with the cooperation of the advisor.

4540601 Qualitative Research Methods in Education

The main purpose of this course is to introduce a number of qualitative research methods commonly used in educational research and improve participants’ skills in using them. The methods mainly include interview, observation, document analysis. This course is offered primarily for those who are contemplating to use qualitative inquiry in their doctoral dissertations and/or as part of their job responsibilities.

4540609 School and Society  

Study of the relationships between education and other societal subsystems, as including economy, politics, culture, technology and demography. More particularly examination of the relationships between school and other societal facts, as including family, gender ethnicity religion locality and social class.

4540618 Theoretical and Practical Implications of Educational Research

Focusing on the central question, “how do educational researchers design, support, and study innovation in the complex learning and teaching contexts of the 21st century”, this course is designed to help students to understand, evaluate, and conduct contemporary educational research methods. Through a combination of readings, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, site visits and class exercises, students are introduced to the issues and practices associated with educational research and how different researchers engage in this kind of work. The course provides students with an intensive experience in carrying out their own research studies. In their research experience, students apply what they have learned to the design and conduct of their research studies.

4540649 A Comparative Study of Teacher Education 

Study and improvement of teacher quality. A comparative study of teacher training programs; a review of historical and practical applications of staff development.

4540653 Seminar in Teaching Methods 

Study of the development and improvement of teaching methods.

4540655 Paradigms in Curriculum 

An analysis and a comparison of major paradigms, orientations and their practical implications.

4540656 Changing World Perspectives in Education 

Demographical, economical, sociocultural, technological changes as reflected in educational philosophies and systems with an analysis of Turkish case in this context.

4540658 Curriculum Policy in Higher Education

This course deals with understanding and examining current issues and trends in higher education curriculum policy with emphasis on internalization of higher education as a reform initiative created by the European Higher Education Area. The course will provide opportunities to investigate changes, ne4540 and challenges for curriculum policy implementation in the 21th Century.

4540695 Research Seminar in Educational Sciences 

Development of doctoral dissertations and projects and presentations of plans. The course which is intended for students who have identified a reasonably narrow area for research will assist them in design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an acceptable dissertation or project proposal. The course involves presentations, group discussions, and critiques.

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