Educational Administration and Planning

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03/11/2022 - 15:22

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration and Planning 

The aim of the PhD program in Educational Administration and Planning is to become a center of excellence in educational administration, educational policy development and school management by promoting advanced level teaching and research. Within this framework the program targets to develop future researchers working at universities as well as other institutions by;

1. Building students' knowledge and understanding in the field of educational administration and planning, school leadership and management, educational policy development and some other allied disciplines including curriculum development, instruction, measurement and assessment,

2. Building students' capacity to design and carry out original research in various domains of educational administration and planning and allied disciplines,

3. Being able to reframe important educational issues and craft policy alternatives at both system and organization level to tackle the issue,

4. Developing understanding of in other disciplines of social sciences such as management, sociology, psychology and political sciences.

As a result, the students are expected to be able to follow developments in educational administration and planning, reframe these developments by use of theory and develop practical suggestions to improve the capacity of schools the at national and international levels. Another major expectation from the students is that they will be able to redefine educational problems, craft an original research project to illuminate the problem and generate knowledge for guiding policy development and implementation at system and organization level. Rather than providing ready-to use knowledge sets, the PhD program aims at helping the students develop necessary skills to generate the knowledge they may need for further theory and practice explanations in their work settings. Hence, the seminars run with a philosophy putting the students at the center of teaching practice which is expected to make the students true life-long learners. The program accepts students with a graduate diploma from different disciplines. Those students who do not have a teaching certificate and/or lack specific courses that are required for study at the PhD level are accepted to a scientific preparation program that may take one or two semesters. Students have to successfully complete 8 courses, two of which are research and statistics, four area courses, two electives and one thesis preparation course. Students who complete the coursework carry out a research as their doctoral dissertation, and graduate from the program by successfully defending it.

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