The Department of Educational Sciences seeks to prepare candidates as highly qualified education professionals capable of functioning in the current and dynamic field of education. The programs of study and the instructional philosophy reflect the need to develop the full range of students' competencies, interests, and needs within a flexible, humanistic, democratic and participatory academic environment.

In the area of research, the Department seeks to address both theoretical and applied issues in contemporary Turkish Education through significant, and rigorous scientific investigation. These studies, and the scientific and academic reports that result, constitute a continually emerging contribution to the body of scientific literature at both national and international levels and to the field of applied practice as well.

In addition to the traditional responsibilities of teaching and research, the Department is committed to providing service to society in general and to educational stakeholders in particular through its regional, national and international engagement with educational institutions and foundations. Within this framework, the department aims to prepare individuals for future leadership and professional roles within the various units of the National Ministry of Education and thereby, to make significant contributions to the future of Turkish Education.

The Department of Educational Sciences is committed to the continued development and improvement of our country by preparing highly qualified professionals capable of assuming leadership roles in the field of Education. The Department seeks to achieve this mission through the effective use of its technological infrastructure, English-medium instruction, and a highly experienced and qualified faculty. This mission is further supported by a participatory learning environment, democratic relationship between students and instructors, and a well documented and respected research record.

The Department of Educational Sciences offers degrees in four areas of study:

Curriculum and Instruction (Master's Program & Ph.D. Program)

Educational Administration and Planning (Master's Program)

Guidance and Psychological Counseling (Master's Program & Ph.D. Program)

Human Resources Development in Education (Non-Thesis Master's Program)

In these programs offered by the Department of Educational Sciences, highly qualified students and a committed faculty combined with international engagement to pursue excellence in Education.