Psychological Counseling and Guidance

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04/12/2018 - 14:05

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Doctoral Program is designed to train both scholars and practitioners in the field of Psychological Counseling and Guidance. The program aims to train students to acquire advanced competency to work with people growing mentally, emotionally, socially, educationally. Graduates of Psychological Counseling and Guidance doctoral program are qualified to work as faculty members at universities, psychological counselor at public and private schools, university counseling centers, other educational settings as well as other healthcare facilities, and private institutions.

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Required Courses

Area Courses

EDS 508 Educational Statistics II

EDS 695 Research Seminar in Educational Sciences

EDS 699 Ph.D. Dissertation

EDS 900-999 Special Topics








EDS 681 Advanced Individual Counseling

EDS 682 Advanced Group Counseling

EDS 683 Contemporary Approaches to Counseling 

EDS 684 Adjustment Problems

EDS 685 Advanced Seminar in Guidance and Counseling

EDS 686 Group Counseling with Children

EDS 687 Special Topics in Guidance

EDS 688 Counseling Needs of Exceptional Children

EDS 689 Counseling and Training of Parents of Children with Special Needs

EDS 690 Applications of Psychology to Education