Psychological Counseling and Guidance

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04/12/2018 - 14:04

Psychological Counseling and Guidance master's program is designed to meet the educational needs of individuals who seek to advance their skills and career options in the psychological counseling field. The program offers courses to enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences in counseling as well as to contribute to the advancement of profession through research. Graduates of Psychological Counseling and Guidance master's program are qualified to work as psychological counselor at public and private schools, university counseling centers, and other mental health related institutions.

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Required Courses

Area Courses

EDS 502 Research Methods in Education

EDS 504 Educational Statistics I

EDS 505 Prothesis Seminar

EDS 599 Master's Thesis

EDS 800-899 Special Studies














EDS 523 Theories of Counseling

EDS 570 Counseling with Children

EDS 581 Student Personnel Services in Schools

EDS 582 Principles and Techniques of Counseling

EDS 583 Group Counseling

EDS 584 Field Practice I

EDS 585 Field Practice II

EDS 586 Interpersonal Relations

EDS 587 Counseling the Parents of Exceptional Children

EDS 588 Counseling Needs of Exceptional Children

EDS 589 Couple and Family Counseling

EDS 590 Counseling in Higher Education

EDS 591 Recent Developments in Counseling

EDS 592 Counseling for Elderly

EDS 593 Crisis Counseling

EDS 594 Counseling in Industrial Settings

EDS 595 Career Development Counseling

EDS 596 Assessment Techniques in Counseling