DIALOGUE intends to bridge the gap between academic research on ULLL and the professional practice around adult teaching, learning and guidance within LLL provision.


  • Providing a European Space for DIALOGUE between academic research, professional practice and policy makers,
  • Improving the transfer of research into the field of professional practice in ULLL,
  • Improving policy and practice in the field of ULLL.

Bridges between research and practice

How can the link between academic research on University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and professional practice on teaching and learning in ULLL be strengthened? How can the exchange between these two spheres be organised in such a way that reciprocal benefits and mutual learning is likely to take place? How can the European policy debate on LLL in Universities reach out to the wider expert community in adult education?

European Space for Dialogue

The development and promotion of a European space for DIALOGUE will be reached by exploring models of good practice in the transfer of research results to professional practice on the one hand and by involving practitioners in research activities on the other hand. National and international networks are a key element in the realisation of these objectives. All partners of the network will, based on their national experiences and findings, contribute to the development of final recommendations aiming at the promotion of a sustainable ULLL DIALOGUE.

Best practices and barriers

The partners collaborate through four continuous working groups focusing on the four following themes:

  • Access and Progression
  • New Media
  • Learning and Guidance
  • Quality

All partners will explore examples of best practice and produce and discuss case studies to identify the main barriers and to find out common solutions for the creation of a real DIALOGUE.


Networks between researchers and professional practitioners form a substantial part of the project and its aim to create a European space for DIALOGUE. By strengthening the links between academic research and professional practice, the project will support the collective production of knowledge and the interactive exchange of information, which reinforces the evolution of LLL.


Initial meeting - 25-26 January 2011 (Barcelona , Spain)

Second partners meeting / 1st Thematic Working Group meeting - 18 November 2011 (Genova, Italy)

Third partners meeting - 19-20 January 2012 - (Potsdam, Germany)

Thematic working group meetings - June to October 2012

Fourth partners meeting - March 2013 - (Glasgow, Scotland)

Final event - November 2013


EUCEN University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)

University of Porto (Portugal)

University of Potsdam & DGWF (Germany)

University of Eastern Finland (Finland)

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Faculty of Management Koper (Slovenia)

University of Zilina (Slovakia)

University of Sibiu (Romania)

University of Graz (Austria)

National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Ireland)

Granada University (Spain)

University of Versailles, Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines (France)

University of Bielefeld (DE) Mireille Pouget – External evaluator (France)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hanife Akar

For more information, please visit DIALOGUE Project website.